Sunday, February 21, 2010

Achievement The Way I see It

To achieve means to attain, to fulfill or to realize something. So achievement starts with a goal, a vision or an end in mind. Therefore to achieve means to attain your goal or vision.

The question now is what do you want to achieve? The reason for this question is this; you can only achieve what you have ability to do. For example, what can bird do? Bird has the ability to fly. The goal of a bird should be to fly the farthest into the sky. The day the bird can do that, it has achieved it goal.

The point I am making is that the design of an object determines the function or what the object can do. So the first step toward personal achievement is to discover who you are, then you will discover what you are designed or wired to do. The bird knows it has been wired to fly. Through training from the mother bird, hard work and patient the bird will fly, but no amount of training, hard work or patient can make a bird to swim like fish.

Take a time today to discover who your are, then you will discover what you are designed or wired to do. Afterward, acquire the best training you can afford, do your best and with time you will be the next achiever; another man who has done what he has the ability or potential to do.


  1. Welcome on board my beloved brother in Christ.
    I believe through the so many fruitful discussions we've had,and hard questions tackled together with the help of the Helper,the whole world will read to see and be impacted to attain their purpose in God's grand design.
    It is well.

  2. Bro Gbolahan Odunsi said...

    It's fine

  3. Pastor Shola Tope (WInners' Chapel Chicago) said...
    Personal achievement and fulfillment in life starts with the discovery of your identity. Until you know who you are, anything you see will look like you. Just like if you don’t know where you’re everywhere looks like the place or destination to you.

  4. This is very true. Remember the story fo the talents? The Master gave them talents according to their ability. Five, Two, and One. We are designed for success and engineered for accomplishment. We have the seed of greatness on the inside of us. We need to be the like the servant that was given Five talents and double the talents. God is good and we all can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

  5. Bro Peters Olubi said...

    Well said bro; I totally agree with your point of view on achievement. And I love your blog spot too.
    Stay blessed sir.

  6. Exactly brother Joseph, God is love and through his love he bestows on man the ability to both think strategically and to accomplish his/her goal through hardwork and perseverance. I agree with the totality of your blog.

  7. The Holy Bible is God's manual for his creature. the purpose of God to create man is in "This Manual". The word of God is the food of our spirit man which is our only source to connect with God. When this Spirit man is health by being properly, regularly and adequately fed, God will put His thought in our thought........... & we shall begin to manifest his glory.