Sunday, February 28, 2010

Achievement The Way I see it Part 2

In part one of this topic we established that the first step toward personal achievement is personal discovery or self discovery. How can we discover who we are? There are several ways to this. Our Lord Jesus Christ said a tree is known by his fruits. Fruits are your characters; the outward expressions of your life. If for example you are constantly expressing compassion and emotion toward the poor and needy, this is a pointer to your assignment. My advice to you this week is to examine your drives, your desires, your passions and your sadness; these might be the pointers to your potentials and what you can accomplish.

Another way to self discovery is to go back to your source or ask your creator. Note that I did not mention God because some people can’t relate to that semantic. But everybody knows there is a source or creator for everything. A seed gives birth to a tree. An Engineer builds a bridge or a car. A potter moulds a pot. Therefore it is a fact that a creator creates humans. I don’t care who you are or what you call yourself; if you are denying the existence of God or a creator, you are denying your existence because a pot cannot exists without a potter. And that makes you a hypocrite or a FOOL. Sorry for the deviation, so just like the potter determines the design and the function of a pot, God has designed us for a particular functions or assignments, so go back to him. Ask him in prayers; search his manual which is the bible. Once you discover God, you will discover yourself.

God made us in his image. He is a spirit. And we are spirits with unlimited abilities, power and wisdom. God is a creator. Our destinies are to create something, a school, a business, factories, a kingdom, and an empire. Or you are design to give something; joy to the sorrow, home to homeless, prosperity to the poor, health to the sick, eyes to the blind etc. If your father is God, you also are god. Stop waiting, arise now and begin a journey to your throne. Your mission is to be a co-creator with God. Ask Him today for what He has designed you to create or to do. You are not designed for a job alone or to live from pay check to pay check. This may be you beginning but it must not be your end. Awake you sons of the most high to fulfill your assignments.


  1. Just one aspect I want to bring up for discuss: If God is a Spirit and He made us in His image, that implies we can only maximize destiny by operating as a spirit "little gods". John 6:63-tell us the flesh give no profit, but the spirit is profitable. As a wise investor, I won't be dwarf enough to put my hard enarned money into a venture that all studies shows it doesn't yeild any profit.God is not comitted to finance your dreams, He is only to back -up His plans for your life. His allocations can only reach you when you abide in the commanded locations. Only being spiritual will let you pick up these signals. You are blessed.

  2. Excellent write up bro. None of us will never accomplish anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to this whisper which is heard by him alone.

  3. That great Bojuri and since only him heard this whisper other will think he is cracy like they thought Bill Gate was when he left Havard until he became the richest man in the world. So to all us, follow your re-created heart in Christ